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E100 Hydro-Jector 1/8 and 1/4

Discharge rate is 300 gallons (1135 liters) per hour at 100 psig (6.9 bar). Flushing action is instantaneous with minimal air loss compared to conventional drains.

HYDRO-JECTOR drains are available with 1/8 or 1/4 nipples. The 1/4 size is used with SERIES 380 and VANGUARD filters.

There is a manual override on the drain valve for clean-out and emergency use.

Inorder to install a hydro-jector on a VANGUARD or SERIES 380 filter you must order filter with the option designated “LDC”. This option removes the drain cock, and replaces it with a 1/4” threaded adapter. If ordering the units together the filter will automatically be an "LDC".

The HYDRO-JECTOR is not recommended where heavy oil or foam is present, as can be the case in separators or large aftercoolers.

HYDRO-JECTOR drains are for use with the SERIES 380 and VANGUARD filters wherever severe condensate problems exist. They can also be used to drain water separators, drain legs, and compressor receiver tanks. They operate with continuous, intermittent, or no air flow, and drain only when liquids are present.

VANGUARD or SERIES 380 heavy-duty filters paired with HYDRO-JECTOR drains provide a low-cost, and effective means for draining water from a compressed air system before it can do harm. Smaller plants, those with 100 to 500 scfm compressors, will find this an especially economical way to cope with the water problem.

To see a TYPICAL COMPRESSOR CIRCUIT EMPLOYING HYDRO-JECTOR DRAIN select the yellow tab Photos, click on sketch to enlarge.

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Service Kits & Maintenance Parts

AE156-6M ........ Hydro-Jector Plastic Bowl Kit
ABE156-6M ....... Hydro-Jector Metal Bowl Kit

A802-37 ........... Float Kit, suitable for both plastic and metal bowls
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Part Number Description Price
BE100-1 HYDRO-JECTOR 1/8 $224.88
BE100-2 HYDRO-JECTOR 1/4 $224.88
E100-1 HYDRO-JECTOR 1/8 $210.63
E100-2 HYDRO-JECTOR 1/4 $210.63