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350 and 380 Series Modular Connectors & Bracket


* Modular Clamp Connections:
These connections are included in all modular 350 and 380 FRL assemblies. They can be purchased seperately. Specially designed clamps provide guick and easy assembly or disassembly. Two allen head bolts tighten or loosen the clamp using a 5/32 or 4mm hex key. The clamp contains a plate carrying two o-rings to provide positive sealing between products.

* Mounting Bracket:
Two brackets are reccomended to mount an FRL assembly to a verticle surface. The mounting brackets attach to the modular connecting clamps with a single screw. You will need two 1/4" or 6mm bolts per bracket to connect to mounting surface.

Modular Clamp Connections and Mounting Bracket for 350 and 380 series.
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Part Number Description Price
A118-103 BRACKET KIT $11.69
A118-105 CLAMP ASSEMBLY $13.94