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MP-FILENCO Dryer/Filters Series 418, 1


Many compressed air systems require point-of-use cleaning and drying of the air to supplement a central system. MP- Filenco dryer/filter units perform superbly because of their triple-action cleaning process and their ability to reduce the pressure dew point.

The filtering and drying functions result in super clean, super dry air.

Several drain options and choices of desiccants are available to suit various operating needs.

Units have flanges and front ports for flush mounting.

Ambient/Media Temperature: 40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C).

Drain: Automatic drain; optional manual or electronic drains.

Dessicant: Choice of three.

Flow Rate: 70 scfm (33.3 l/s)

Fluid Media: Compressed air.

Inlet Pressure: 150 psig (10 bar) maximum. Consult Master Pneumatic for higher pressure ratings.

Mounting: Flanges and front ports for flush mount.

Catalog Pages

Service Kits and Other Literature

Service Kits & Maintenance Parts

418 Series Desiccant Element Kits (case of 4 complete kits):

CD-418NRE....Clay Element Bag & Filter Discs
CDC-418NRE..Clay/Carbon Element Bag & Filter Discs
MS-418NRE..Molecular Sieve Element Bag,Filter Discs

418 Series Drain Kits:

PGM........Manual Drain kit for polycarbonate bowls (D1)
PGA.........Automatic Float Drain kit for polycarbonate bowls (D2)
MSM........Manual Drain kit for metal bowls (D3)
MBA.........Automatic Float Drain kit for metal bowls (D4)

Product Configurator

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Part Number Description Price
CD418-8 CLAY 1" DRYER $991.36
CD418-8D1 CD-418-70-PGM $1,044.31
CD418-8D1M CD-418-70-PGM-MI750 $1,103.03
CD418-8D2 CD-418-70-PGA $1,077.34
CD418-8D2M CD-418-70-PGA-MI750 $1,136.06
CD418-8D3 CD-418-70-MSM $1,058.67
CD418-8D3M CD-418-70-MSM-MI750 $1,117.39
CD418-8D4 CD-418-70-MBA $1,077.34
CD418-8D4M CLAY,1",FLOAT,M.INDICATOR $1,136.06
CD418-8D6 CD-418-70-AD10 $1,323.74
CD418-8D6M CD-418-70-AD10-MI750 $1,382.45
CD418-8D7 CD-418-70-AD10 $1,445.47
CD418-8D7M CD-418-70-AD10-MI750 $1,504.19
CD418-8D8M CD-418-70-MI750-W/D8 $1,313.54
CD418-8M CLAY 1" DRYER,M.INDICATOR $1,050.07
CD418-8W CLAY 1"BSPP DRYER $991.36
CDC418-8 CD/C-418-70 $1,001.43
CDC418-8D1 CD/C-418-70-PGM $1,054.38
CDC418-8D1M CD/C-418-70-PGM-MI750 $1,113.09
CDC418-8D2 CD/C-418-70-PGA $1,087.41
CDC418-8D2M CD/C-418-70-PGA-MI750 $1,146.13
CDC418-8D3 CD/C-418-70-MSM $1,068.74
CDC418-8D3M CD/C-418-70-MSM-MI750 $1,127.46
CDC418-8D4 CD/C-418-70-MBA $1,087.41
CDC418-8D4M CD/C-418-70-MBA-MI750 $1,146.13
CDC418-8D6 CDC-418-70-AD10 $1,333.80
CDC418-8D6M CD/C-418-70-AD10-MI750 $1,392.52
CDC418-8D7 CDC-418-70-AD10 $1,455.54
CDC418-8D7M CD/C-418-70-AD10-MI750 $1,514.26
CDC418-8D8 DRYER, CD/C $1,264.89
CDC418-8M CD/C-418-70-MI750 $1,060.14
MS418-8 MS-418-70 $1,143.30
MS418-8D1 MS-418-70-PGM $1,196.25
MS418-8D1M MS-418-70-PGM-MI750 $1,254.97
MS418-8D2 MS-418-70-PGA $1,229.29
MS418-8D2M MS-418-70-PGA-MI750 $1,288.00
MS418-8D3 MS-418-70-MSM $1,210.62
MS418-8D3M MS-418-70-MSM-MI750 $1,269.33
MS418-8D4 MS-418-70-MBA $1,229.29
MS418-8D4M MS-418-70-MBA-MI750 $1,288.00
MS418-8D4MW MS-418-70-MBA-MI750 BSPP $1,288.00
MS418-8D6 MS-418-70-AD-10 $1,475.68
MS418-8D6M MS-70-AD10-MI750 $1,534.40
MS418-8D7 MS-418-70-AD10 $1,597.42
MS418-8D7M MS-418-70AD10-MI750 $1,656.13
MS418-8D8 M/P-FILENCO 1",ELEC.DRAIN $1,406.77
MS418-8D8M DRYER, MS $1,465.49
MS418-8M MS-418-70-MI750 $1,202.02
MS418-8W MS-418-70 BSPP $1,143.30