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L100 High-Flow Vanguard Wick-feed Lubricator

Inline mounting.

High-strength polycarbonate plastic bowl with steel shatterguard.

Optional aluminum bowl with sight glass.

Wick-feed design.

Internal adjustment.

NPTF port threads; optional BSPP threads.

M/P is no longer offering the L100 High-Flow Vanguard 3/4" wick feed lubricators. The (B)L29D-6* drip feed is recommended substitute unless, customer has a downstream application in which case, please refer to our sales department.

Ambient/Media Temperature:

Plastic bowl: 40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C).

Metal bowl: 40° to 175°F (4° to 79°C).

Body: Aluminum.

Bowl: 16-Ounce (480-ml) capacity polycarbonate plastic with steel shatterguard. Optional aluminum bowl with sight glass.

Bowl Ring: Aluminum.

Fluid Media: Compressed air.

Inlet Pressure:

Plastic bowl: 150 psig (10 bar) maximum.

Metal bowl: 200 psig (14 bar) maximum.

Oil Adjustment: Internal.

Seals: Nitrile.

Sight Dome: Nylon.

Catalog Pages

Service Kits and Other Literature

Service Kits & Maintenance Parts

Part Kits:

A204-8.........Fill Plug Assembly
K205-3PFG...Wick Kit
103-51SP.....Metal Bowl Manual Draincock

Bowl Assembly Kits:

AL109-6MLDC...Plastic Bowl Assembly
ABL109-6A.......Metal Bowl Assembly

Product Configurator

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Part Number Description Price
BL100-8 LUBRICATOR 1 $163.77
BL100-8Q LUBRICATOR 1 $171.47
BL100-8W LUBRICATOR 1 $163.77
L100-8 LUBRICATOR 1 $137.47
L100-8Q LUBRICATOR 1 $145.16
L100-8QW LUBRICATOR 1 BSPP $145.16
L100-8W LUBRICATOR 1 $137.47