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RT55M and RT56M Manifold Regulators, miniature top mount


●    Manifold mount regulators are designed with a 1/2-UNF top mount port.

●    Available in  Piston or Diaphragm models.

●    Self-relieving or optional Non-relieving.

●   Multiple Springs available for maximum pressure ranges from 0-8 psig (0.6 bar) to 0-125 psig (8.6 bar)

Ambient/Media Temperature:
40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C)

Body:  Aluminum.

Dome and Knob:  Glass filled Nylon and Acetal.

Fluid Media:  Compressed air and inert gas.

Inlet Pressure:  300 psig (21 bar) maximum.

Outlet Pressure:  Adjustable up to 100 psig (7 bar); optional adjusting springs.

Panel Mounting:  1-3/16 inch (30 mm) hole required.

Seals:  Nitrile. Optional Viton.

Catalog Pages

Service Kits & Maintenance Parts

Valve Assembly Kit (for Piston and Diaphragm):
A33-533.......Poppet Valve, Valve Spring, Valve Guide & O-ring

Piston Assembly Kit:
A33-544........Piston and U-cup

Diaphragm Assembly Kit:
A10R-56........Diaphragm, Support, Retainer and Spacer

Adjusting Screw Assembly Kit:
A33-75........Spring Rest and Adjusting Screw

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RT56M-4 DIA.REG 1/2 TOP MOUNT $31.66