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M481R and 482R Sight Dome Reservoirs

Servo-Meters can be supplied with oil by pressure systems (up to 30 psig) or gravity systems. Gravity systems are generally preferred. Remote reservoirs should be connected to the bottom port of Serv-Oil equipment with a minimum 5/16" I.D. line.

Stand-pipes should be installed from the top of the equipment and extend above the reservoir for gravity systems to prevent airlock of the Servo-Meters.

Sight domes are available to vent air from the system, and to confirm visually the presence of oil. Pressure-fill systems should be vented, or use low velocity recirculation of the oil supply.


For most applications Master Pneumatic recommends a light spindle oil (150-1200 ssu viscosity) that is not chemically aggressive
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Part Number Description Price
482R SIGHT DOME $27.31
482RW SIGHT DOME $27.31
M481RW SIGHT DOME $27.31