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Scorpion Junior Series 89

Operated by pneumatic pulse.

Up to four injectors and nozzles can be used.

Servo-Meter injector. 1-Drop capacity; optional 2-drop and 1/2-drop capacities.
Snaplock® coolant dispensing nozzle. Optional copper nozzles.

Optional magnetic nozzle base.

Optional 10-ounce capacity coolant reservoir.

NPTF port threads; optional BSPP threads.

Ambient/Media Temperature:

40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C).

Body Blocks: Anodized aluminum.

Hose: Optional 6 feet long braided PVC. Longer or shorter hose in 1-foot increments.


Servo-Meter Body: 1-Drop (0.030ml)rating; optional 1/2-drop (0.015ml) or 2-drop (0.060ml)rating per pulse. Up to four injectors can be used. Injection frequency up to 100 pulses per minute.

Inlet Port:

1/8 NPTF; optional 1/4 NPTF. Optional BSPP threads.

Inlet Pressure: 60 to 120 psig (4 to 8 bar).

Nozzle: Snaplock® with12-inch fl exible segmented plastic. Optional 18-inch or 24-inch lengths. Optional copper nozzles and fan tips.

On/Off Control: Manual.

Reservoir: Optional integral clear plastic with 10-ounce (300 ml) capacity.

Seals: Air, nitrile; oil, Viton.

Product Configurator

Select the required* options below to generate a part number.
Part Number Description Price
890011000A00KA2 SCORPION JR.1 POINT,RESV. $394.72
890011001A00KA1 SCORPION JR 1 POINT $461.94
890011001A00KB1 SCORPION JR.1POINT,1DROP $470.14
890011001T06KA1 SCORPION JR $566.81
890011002T06HA2 SCORPION JR.1PT,1DROP,FAN $586.62
890011002T06KA1 SCORPION JR.1PT.1DROP 1/4 $566.81
89001100CA00KA1 JR,1PT,1DROP,RESV,MAGNET $389.96
89001100CT06KA1 SCORPION 1PT,1DROP,1/8BSP $494.83
890011010A00KA1 JR,1PT,1DROP,NO HOSE,1/8 $371.30
890011011T06KA1 SCORPION JR $548.15
890011012A00KB2 SCORPION JR.1PT,RESV,FIL $456.24
89001101CA00KA1 SCORP JR.1PT.1/8BSPP,CONI $371.30
89001101CA00KA2 SCORPION JR.1 POINT,RESV. $376.06
890011100T06KA1 SCORPION JR,1POINT,1DROP $469.30
890011101T06KA1 SCORPION JR,1POINT,2DROP $541.28
89001110CA00KA1 SCORP JR,1PT,1DROP,1/8BSP $364.42
89001111CA00KA1 SCORP.JR.1PT.BSPP,CONICLE $345.77
89001111CA00KA2 SCORP.JR.1PT.BSPP,FAN TIP $350.52
89001111DA00HA1 JR,1PT,NO HOSE, 1/4 BSPP $360.82
890011402A00KA1 SCORPION JR 1 POINT $461.94
890012002T06KA2 SCORPION JR,1 POINT,2DROP $583.21
89001200CT06KA1 SCORPION JR, 1 INJ 2 DROP $506.48
89001200DA00KA1 SCORPION JR. 1PT.,1 DROP $401.60
890012010A00KD1 SCORPION JR. 1PT 2 DROP $406.85
890012012T06HA1 SCORPION JR,1 POINT,2DROP $574.85
890012012T06KA2 SCORPION JR.1 POINT,2DROP $564.55
890012102T06HA1 SCORPION JR $574.85
890012410A00KB1 SCORP.JR.1PT,2DRP,1/8,18" $391.15
890012410A00KC1 SCORP.JR,1PT,2DROP,1/8 $398.80
890021000T06HA1 SCORPION JR,2 PTS,1 DROP $816.83
890021002A00KA1 SCORPION JR.2POINT,1DROP $648.94
890021002T06KA2 SCORPION JR,2PT,1DROP,FAN $868.20
89002100CT06KA1 SCORPION JR. 2-POINT $786.71
890021012A00KA2 SCOPRION JR 2 POINT $639.80
89002101CA00KD1 SCORPION JR,2PT,1DROP,BSP $606.12
890021100T06KA1 SCORPION JR. 2-POINT $761.18
89002111CT06KA1 SCORPION JR. 2 POINT $742.52
89002111DA00HA1 JR.2PT,1DRP,NO HOSE,COPER $562.88
890022002T06KA1 SCORPION JR.2PT,2 DROP $881.98
890022002T06KA2 SCORPION JR,2PT,2DROP FAN $891.49
890022100T06KA1 SCORPION JR.2PT,2 DROP $784.47
890022110A00KA1 SCORPION JR,2 POINT,2DROP $556.06
890022110T06KA1 SCORPION JR. 2PT,2DROP $765.81
890031002A00KA1 SCORPION JR. 3 POINT $835.95
89003100CT06KA1 SCORPION JR $1,078.59
890032110T06KA1 SCORPION JR.3PT,2DROP $1,069.33
89004100CT06KA1 SCORPION JR $1,370.47
89004101CT06HA1 SCORPION JR. 4 POINT BSPP $1,412.04
890041102T06KD2 SCORPION JR 4PT 1DROP FAN $1,531.57
890041412A00HB2 SCORPION JR,4POINT,1DROP $1,116.35
890042100T06KA1 SCORPION JR,4PT,2DROP $1,391.51
890042110T06HA2 SCORPION JR.4POINT,2DROP $1,452.11
890042112A00HA1 SCORPION JR-4 POINT $1,085.56