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A60 & A64 Serv-Oil Upstream SPL (single point lubricator) for Air Tools 1/2 and 3/4

SERV-OIL SINGLE POINT UPSTREAM LUBRICATOR:The single-point lubricator (SPL) is specifically designed to lubricate air tools. It cannot be used for general lubrication of components other than air tools. An SPL is installed in the air supply line upstream of the air tool. When the tool is cycled the SPL injects a precise amount of oil at the air inlet of the tool. Both the amount of oil and the frequency of injection are adjustable.

Flow Valve: The air suppy line is connected to the inlet of the flow valve. 1/8-Inch nylon tubing is connected to the nozzle in the outlet port, then runs inside the air line to within a short distance of the air tool.(Note: A check valve must be installed on the end of the 1/8 nylon tube.) When the air tool is at rest, no air flows in the valve. When the tool is triggered the differential pressure across the sensing disk opens a passage to the pulse counter.

Pulse Counter
: When the air tool is triggered the pulse counter receives an air signal from the flow valve. A three position switch on counter is set to allow air signal to proceed to the Servo-Meter on every cycle, every 5th cycle or every 10th cycle. This is one of the means of controlling the amount of lubrication that will be supplied to the air tool.

Servo-Meter: The servo-meter is an air-actuated, positive displacement oil pump. It injects oil with each signal from the pulse counter. To actuate the servo-meter the signal received must have a pressure of at least 60 psig (4 bar). When actuated a precise amount of oil is delivered to nozzle in the outlet port of the flow valve, and is then carried by a nylon line to the air tool. A transparent sight indicator on one end of Servo-Meter gives visual verification of oil delivery.

Adjusting Knob: By means of the adjusting knob on the end of the Servo-Meter, oil delivery can be reduced in precise increments from the maximum rating down to 10% of the maximum rating (30% for 2 drop units).

Oil Reservoir: The integral oil reservoir is made of tough, transparent nylon with 10 ounces (300 ml) capacity. It has a quick fill cap and since the reservoir is not pressurized it can be filled at any time. It can also be used with a central-fill system. Gravity is recomended, however fill pressure can be up to 30 psig (2 bar).

An SPL can be ordered without an integral reservoir, in which case a sight dome air eliminator is available for use with a central-fill system.

Air Flow: Maximum inlet pressure of 150 psig (10 bar) and a pressure drop of 3 psi (0.2 bar):

1/2 NPTF — 4-60 scfm (2-28 dm3n/s)

3/4 NPTF — 4-90 scfm (2-43 dm3n/s)

Ambient/Media Temperature: 40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C).

Flow Valve: Zinc body.

Operating Pressure Range: 60-150 psig (4.1-10.3 bar)

Pulse Counter: Adjustable to operate the Servo-Meter on every cycle, every 5th cycle, or every 10th cycle.

Reservoir: Integral, unpressurized. 10-Ounce (300-ml) capacity transparent nylon with quick-fill cap. Optional M476R reservoir. Integral reservoir can be eliminated if a central-fill system is employed

Servo-Meter: Aluminum body; acetal end caps. 1-Drop (0.030ml)rating. Transparent sight indicator gives visual verification of oil delivery.

Optional 1/2-drop (0.015ml) or 2-drop (0.060ml) rating.

Tubing: Optional 25 feet (8 meters) of oil-filled tubing with 420-160 check valve installed.

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Product Configurator

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Part Number Description Price
A60041 SPL 1/2" $149.46
A60041BB SPL 1/2" $185.48
A60041BBR SPL 1/2",CONTROLLERS,RES $213.92
A60041F SPL 1/2" $448.94
A60041FW SPL 1/2" BSPP $448.94
A60041R SPL 1/2" $177.89
A60041RW SPL 1/2" BSPP $177.89
A60041W SPL 1/2" BSPP $149.46
A60042 SPL 1/2" $161.10
A60045 SPL 1/2" $161.10
A60045BB SPL 1/2" $197.13
A60045F SPL 1/2", FREQ.GENERATOR $460.58
A60061 SPL 3/4" $149.46
A60061BB SPL 3/4" $185.48
A60061F SPL 3/4" $448.94
A60061FW SPL 3/4" BSPP $448.94
A60061R SPL 3/4" $177.89
A60061RW SPL W/RESERVOIR $177.89
A60061W SPL 3/4" BSPP $149.46
A60062 SPL 3/4" $161.10
A60062BBR SPL 3/4,2DRP,2CNTRS,RESV. $225.56
A60065 SPL 3/4" $161.10
A60065BB SPL 3/4" $197.13
A64041 SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $193.66
A64041BB SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $229.69
A64041BBF SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $529.17
A64041BBW SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" BSPP $229.69
A64041F SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $493.14
A64041FW SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2"BSPP $493.14
A64041W SPL W/RES 1/2" BSPP $193.66
A64042 SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $205.31
A64042BB SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $241.33
A64042W SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" BSPP $205.31
A64045 SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $205.31
A64045BB SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $241.33
A64045BBF SPL,RES,1/2",2CNTRS,FREQ $540.81
A64045F SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $504.79
A64045FW SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2"BSPP $504.79
A64045W SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2"BSPP $205.31
A64061 SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $193.66
A64061BB SPL 3/4" RES.,COUNTERS $229.69
A64061F SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $493.14
A64061FW SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4"BSPP $493.14
A64061W SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4"BSPP $193.66
A64062 SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $205.31
A64062F SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $504.79
A64065 SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $205.31
A64065BB SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $241.33
PA60041 SPL 1/2" $135.32
PA60041BB SPL 1/2" $171.35
PA60041F SPL 1/2" $434.81
PA60041FW SPL 1/2" BSPP $434.81
PA60041W SPL 1/2" BSPP $135.32
PA60042 SPL 1/2" $146.97
PA60045 SPL 1/2" $146.97
PA60045BB SPL 1/2" $182.99
PA60045F SPL 1/2" $446.45
PA60045RW SPL 1/2"BSPP,RESERVOIR $175.40
PA60045W SPL 1/2" BSPP $146.97
PA60061 SPL 3/4" $135.32
PA60061BB SPL 3/4" $171.35
PA60061F SPL 3/4" $434.81
PA60061FW SPL 3/4" BSPP $434.81
PA60061R SPL 3/4,RESV.,NO TUBING $163.76
PA60061W SPL 3/4" BSPP $135.32
PA60062 SPL 3/4" $146.97
PA60062BB SPL 3/4,2DROP,2 COUNTERS $182.99
PA60065 SPL 3/4" $146.97
PA60065BB SPL 3/4" $182.99
PA64041 SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $179.53
PA64041BB SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $215.55
PA64041BBF SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $515.04
PA64041BBW SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" BSPP $215.55
PA64041F SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $479.01
PA64041FW SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2"BSPP $479.01
PA64041W SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2"BSPP $179.53
PA64042 SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $191.17
PA64042BB SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $227.20
PA64042W SPL W/RESERVIR 1/2"BSPP $191.17
PA64045 SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $191.17
PA64045BB SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $227.20
PA64045BBF SPL,RES,1/2,2CNTRS,FREQ $526.68
PA64045F SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2" $490.65
PA64045FW SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2"BSPP $490.65
PA64045W SPL W/RESERVOIR 1/2"BSPP $191.17
PA64061 SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $179.53
PA64061BB SPL 3/4" RES.,COUNTERS $215.55
PA64061F SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $479.01
PA64061FW SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4"BSPP $479.01
PA64061W SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4"BSPP $179.53
PA64062 SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $191.17
PA64062F SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $490.65
PA64065 SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $191.17
PA64065BB SPL W/RESERVOIR 3/4" $227.20