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PR300 High Flow Vanguard 3


Inline mounting

Piston-type design


Pressure gauge

Optional remote sensing

Aluminum body and dome

Flow rates exceeding 4,000 SCFM

NPTF port threads; optional BSPP threads

Recommended Pilot Control Regulators (sold separately):
* General Purpose Applications order: R56M-2, R60-2, R67-2, R100-2 or R380-3.
* Precision Applications order: IR100-2, R57M-2, IR380-3 or an ER valve.

Ambient/Media Temperature: 40° to 175°F (4° to 79°C)

Body and Dome: Aluminum

Fluid Media: Compressed air

Inlet Pressure: 300 psig (21 bar) maximum

Outlet Pressure: 0 to 200 psig (0 to 14 bar)
NOTE: Outlet pressure depends on the selection of control regulator

Pilot Ports: 1/4 NPTF

Pressure Gauge: 0 to 200 psig (14 bar);
1/4 NPTF gauge ports front and rear

Seals: Nitrile, optional Viton

Valve and Valve Cap: Aluminum

Catalog Pages

Service Kits and Other Literature

Service Kits & Maintenance Parts

O-Ring Kits:
KAPR300......All seven o-rings
KAPR300V....All seven viton o-rings

Valve Assembly Kits:
A37-264......Valve Spring, O-rings and Poppet Valve
A37-264V....Viton -Valve Spring, O-rings and Poppet Valve

Piston Assembly Kits:
A37-267……Retaining Ring, O-Rings and Piston
A37-267A…. Retaining Ring, O-Rings and Non-Relieving Piston
A37-267V…..Viton - Retaining Ring, O-Rings and Piston
A37-267Q….Constant Bleed - Retaining Ring, O-Rings and Piston

Product Configurator

Select the required* options below to generate a part number.
Part Number Description Price
PR300-24 PILOT REGULATOR 3" $1,430.09
PR300-24AG PILOT REG 3"NON-REL,GAUGE $1,447.23
PR300-24AV PILOT REG 3" NON-REL,VIT $1,794.31
PR300-24AVGW REGULATOR $1,807.85
PR300-24AW PILOT REG 3"BSPP,NON-REL $1,433.69
PR300-24G PILOT REGULATOR 3",GAGE $1,443.62
PR300-24GW PILOT REG 3" BSPP,GAGE $1,443.62
PR300-24V PILOT REG 3" VITON $1,790.71
PR300-24VG PILOT REG 3" VITON,GAGE $1,804.25
PR300-24VW PILOT REG 3" BSPP VITON $1,790.71
PR300-24W PILOT REGULATOR 3" BSPP $1,430.09
PR301-24 REMOTE PILOT REG 3" $1,430.09
PR301-24A REMOTE PILOT 3", NON-REL $1,433.69
PR301-24AV REMOTE PILOT 3",NON-REL,V $1,794.31
PR301-24G REMOTE PILOT REG 3",GAGE $1,443.62
PR301-24GW REMOTE PILOT REG 3"BSPP,G $1,443.62
PR301-24V REMOTE PILOT REG 3" VITON $1,790.71
PR301-24VG REGULATOR $1,804.25
PR301-24W REMOTE PILOT REG 3" BSPP $1,430.09
PR302-24 PILOT REG 3",BIAS SPRING $1,455.75
PR302-24A REGULATOR $1,459.35
PR302-24AG REGULATOR $1,472.89
PR302-24G PILOT REG 3",BIAS,GAGE $1,469.29
PR302-24QW PILOT C.BLEED REG 3"BSPP $1,465.12
PR302-24W PILOT REG 3"BSPP,W/BIAS $1,455.75
PR303-24 REMOTE PILOT REG 3",BIAS $1,455.75
PR303-24G REM.PILOT REG 3"BIAS,GAGE $1,469.29
PR303-24Q REGULATOR $1,465.12
PR303-24W REMOTE PILOT 3"BSPP,BIAS $1,455.75