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Servo-Meter 70 Model for use with 74 and 77 Series MPLs


Servo-Meters are available in three capacities with maximum flows of 1/2 drop, 1 drop and 2 drops. The maximum amount can be reduced in increments of 1/50th of its rated capacity. With the aid of pulse counters and controllers the lubrication can be reduced even further by selecting the frequency of oil injection.

(1 Drop = 1/30 cc)

Maximum Output      Reducing Increments    Minimum Output
1/2 Drop                   1/100 Drop                      1/20 Drop                                                                       1    Drop                   1/50   Drop                      1/10 Drop
2    Drop                   1/25   Drop                      1/5  Drop

SERVO-METERS are the key modules used in all SERV-OIL equipment; single point and multiple point lubricators. They are precision, positive displacement liquid injectors which are actuated by an air pressure signal of at least 60 psig (4 bar). A 1/8 inch, oil filled nylon line carries the injected oil from each Servo-Meter to a point of lubrication. Servo-Meters in single point lubricators have a flow actuated ball in the sight indicator at one end of the servo-meter to give visual verification of oil delivery. Ball check valves at the ends of the nylon lines ensure that the lines and the oil sides of servo-meter remain full of oil and free of air.

Service Kits and Other Literature

Product Configurator

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Part Number Description Price
70001054A-A ALUM SERVO-METER 1/2 DROP $100.35
70001054A-AL ALUM SERVO-METER 1/2 DROP $100.35
70001054A-ALV ALUM SERVO-METER 1/2 DROP $118.65
70001054A-LV ALUM SERVO-METER 1/2 DROP $118.65
70001054B-A SERVO-METER, 1/2 DROP $108.47
70001054B-ALV SERVO-METER 1/2DRP,S.OFF, $126.77
70001054B-LV SERVO-METER, 1/2 DROP $126.77
70001054B-LVW SERVO-METER,1/2 DROP,BSPP $126.77
70001104A-A ALUM SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $88.70
70001104A-AL ALUM SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $88.70
70001104A-ALV ALUM SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $107.01
70001104A-LV ALUM SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $107.01
70001104B-A SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $96.82
70001104B-AEL SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $115.12
70001104B-AL SERVO METER, 1 DROP $96.82
70001104B-ALV SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $115.12
70001104B-ALVW SERVO-METER,1 DROP,BSPP $115.12
70001104B-EL SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $115.12
70001104B-LV SERVO-METER, 1 DROP $115.12
70001104B-LVW SERVO-METER, 1 DROP,BSPP $115.12
70001204A-A ALUM SERVO-METER,2 DROP $100.35
70001204A-AL ALUM SERVO-METER,2 DROP $100.35
70001204A-ALV ALUM SERVO-METER,2 DROP $118.65
70001204A-LV ALUM SERVO-METER,2 DROP $118.65
70001204B-A SERVO-METER, 2 DROP $108.47
70001204B-AEL INJECTOR, 2 DROP $126.77
70001204B-ALV SERVO-METER, 2 DROP $126.77
70001204B-L SERVO-METER, 2 DROP $108.47
70001204B-LV SERVO-METER, 2 DROP $126.77
70001204B-LVW SERVO-METER, 2 DROP,BSPP $126.77
70001204B-LW SERVO-METER, 2 DROP $108.47
70G01054B-A SERVO 1/2DRP,M.DIAL,SHUT $157.46
70G01104B-A SERVO-METER,1DROP,M.DIAL $145.81