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Custom Products

It's no secret that Master Pneumatic was originally founded to serve requirements of various multinational automotive companies and eventually to introduce our own M/P products into the market. Today, M/P still works to serve companies and increase customer satisfaction through product creation.

Our internal processes include, but are not limited to Zinc diecasting, Plastic Injection Molding, CNC Lathes/Mills, Paints/Coatings, Class 7 Clean Room, Assembly, and Testing.  These processes allow MP to support customer requirements in a wide array of industries and provide product in small to large quantities in a compressed lead time.

We are no stranger to customized product production. No matter your need, from zinc die castings to filters and regulators, M/P will create the customized products for unique applications such as;

In order to get started, Contact Us at any time and we will respond within 24 normal business hours. We look forward to serving you and to creating your custom product.