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Serv-Oil Low Flow Hose Assemblies for SIngle Point Lubricators (SPLs)

The coaxial hose assemblies are available with the internal oil capillary tube, including check valve installed in either straight or coiled blue urethane hose. Standard hose lengths are 12 and 25 feet (working length of coiled hose is 9 and 18). Consult Master Pneumatic for other lengths.  

Coiled hose assemblies are typically used in applications where the SPL is overhead and the amount of hose on the floor needs to be minimized.

Product Configurator

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Part Number Description Price
H-0A0A5C-C12 1/2MALE 5/16ID C-HOSE 12' $157.08
H-0A0A5C-C25 1/2MALE 5/16ID C-HOSE 25' $226.66
H-0A0A5C-S12 1/2MALE 5/16ID S-HOSE 12' $131.73
H-0A0A5C-S25 1/2MALE 5/16ID S-HOSE 25' $173.83
H-0A1A5C-C12 1/2MALE 5/16ID C-HOSE 12' $157.08
H-0A1A5C-C25 1/2MALE 5/16ID C-HOSE 25' $226.66
H-0A1A5C-S12 1/2MALE 5/16ID S-HOSE 12' $131.73
H-0A1A5C-S25 1/2MALE 5/16ID S-HOSE 25' $173.83